Wednesday, April 17, 2013


OK, I know I have been a BAD BAD blogger! The end of the school year always seems super crazy and busy to me. I feel like I cant attend everything, cant get everything done, cant stay caught up on simple things...even laundry or the kids homework. I guess us moms get spring fever too.
So I was driving home this morning after dropping off the kids at school. I had the windows rolled down, country music playing on the radio, and a smile on my face.
Go Check out Jake Owens Music
HES THE BOMB.COM...and he actually
seems like a regular, cool dude!
Let me start by saying that I had made it a goal of mine to get Jake Owen to follow me on twitter. I have become a tiny bit obsessed with his tweets and his music lately. I already had a couple of his songs on my itunes but after seeing his tweets and the way he is with his fans...he just seems to have a true thirst for life. Anyway, yesterday, Jake Owen DID follow me. I ran around my house screaming like a 13 year old school girl (yea, I'm 36). I took video of my reaction and sent it to my BFF ( I knew she was the only person in the world who would have been screaming right along side me instead of looking at me like I was a moron). I was pretty much on cloud nine yesterday.
Back to the point though...I started thinking about my life and just how wonderful it was. Everything that I tried to think about that could be negative in my life, I could spin into something positive.
*My husband doesn't help with drop off EVER and rarely will pick up. I am a stay at home mom, but so are several of my friends and their husbands still help a lot. On the flip side to that, its a benefit to me and a loss for him because I get to hear about my kids day while its fresh on their minds. I have 3 kids at 3 different schools so pick up is from 3:20-4:35. That's a lot of time in the car just getting to visit about the day with the kids, because as soon as we walk in the door they want computer and video games and TV. Then there is homework and dinner and bath and bed.
*I've been losing some weight, about 40 lbs so far and I would like to get 30 more lbs off. Yesterday my friend and I were trying to motivate each other and we had said for 3 weeks~Fruits, Veggies, and Proteins. We were going to start working out again on a regular basis and I was really feeling motivated....Until dinner time when I ate Chick-Fil-A! DAMN YOU-YOU DELICIOUS CHICKEN SANDWICH!!!!! I decided that instead of using that to quit or keep eating more, it was a nice little cheat and now I need to work out even harder today. It doesn't keep me from reaching my just means I have to work harder to get there when I decide to cheat. I will get my body where I want it. I will not complain about working out because it is good for my body, and it feels AMAZING when I see results. I LOVE LOVE LOVE food, but having a strong and beautiful body I will love more!!

PEOPLE....the sun is shining, and if its not where you are right now, make it shine. Life is AMAZING! no matter what your situation life IS amazing, you just have to choose to see it that way. Even a homeless person can be thankful for something. They have no responsibilities, no bills. They are gypsies...sure they have no idea where they will get their next meal (so really...a bad example) but imagine it for just a day. No responsibilities, no bills to permanent camping! (OK, so that was an in poor taste example I guess, but I'm just trying to prove my point) Life IS amazing, and spring is a wonderful time to realize that. Think about 3 negative things in your life. Something you have been frustrated about at work or at home or with your kids or husband. Now find the good in it. There IS good in it somewhere! It is up to you to find that good. It is up to you to spin it around and make your life a happy one. I'm not saying bad things don't happen or depression doesn't exist at all...I AM saying, you have a choice whether to let it eat you up and spit you out...or whether you will control it and kick IT IN THE ASS!!
LIVE THIS may be gone tomorrow. Be late to work so you can eat breakfast with your kids. Just don't do it everyday cause you might get fired....find the balance, but do it. They grow up too fast. Let the laundry sit an extra day so you can finish that book you love to read. Spend $100 of your savings on a fun day with your family! YES you need a savings...but what will $100 hurt if you die tomorrow...that $100 wont change much in the finances, but it will give you and you kids some amazing memories. Granted you cant do that daily-FIND THE BALANCE
Make love to your husband even if you are tired and have a headache...once you are doing wont be thinking about the headache or how tired you are. Imagine if something happened to you or him tomorrow, would you want to make love to him one more time. Rock his world-give him something to remember JUST IN CASE!(Hey, Rock It so good that if you do die tomorrow-none of those crazy bitches out there will never measure up in bed!!HAHA)
I love the idea of living every day like it could be your last. I don't mean go blow all you r money and make rash decisions, but FIND THE BALANCE so that you are LIVING as well as living SMART!
Just like my Jake Owen twitter follow. I kind of felt like an idiot tweeting him daily trying to get a follow. But worst case...I looked like a crazy celeb. stalker in front of a bunch of people I don't know anyway. Best case...he follows...AND HE DID!! (Now I just have to work on front row tickets and back stage passes to his concert....worst case, he says no, best case...I'll be drinking a beer with my BFF and Jake Owen and will have something else to check off my bucket list!!!)

To all my followers....Think of 3 things you have been negative about and flip them. Spin them into something positive.
THEN do something amazing today!! Go surprise your kids by picking them up from school in the middle of the day (half a skip day wont hurt) and taking them to a movie or the park. Go to your husbands office with something sexy on and (if he has a door he can close) get busy on his desk!!! Or have a nooner!!
Go outside and lay in the sunshine with your favorite book or music and fall asleep in the sun. The laundry will wait another day.

Also, think about trying something new(like how I lead into that??). I made homemade tortillas the other day and it was FREAKING easy. I couldn't believe it. I will never by from the store again. Here's the recipe I used from


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