Monday, March 18, 2013


So it's been a busy spring break even though we didn't really go anywhere or do does that happen? We did have a couple of sleepovers, went to the park a couple of times, Mia swam at my dad's house, we went to Mr.Gattis which is a pizza/video game place here in Lubbock. I took the kids to Adrenaline City which was a Blast.

It is at Bodywork's here in Lubbock where we played Laser Tag, jumped in their trampoline room and Mia walked the ropes 12 feet up on their ropes course. It has been a really fun week. To end it all my husband and I left the kids for a relaxing night with our best friends (wine and crown) and our other best friends Kristin and Justin (hahahahaha). Got a tad hammered and had some good conversation!

I also have had a hankerin' for some baking. I don't want to eat it because I have been losing some weight, but I REALLY want to everyday! Maybe I should try my hand at baking and selling. I definitely need to get a little better at presentation though.
I decided to try my moms favorite cake, Italian Cream Cake. I found a great recipe on Pinterest but decided to try it in cupcake form so that I could give them away and not sit and eat an entire cake myself (though to date...I have had 3 cupecakes!!)
Everyone was raving about them so I thought I would share the blog for the recipe...enjoy!!


  1. Hey girlie,
    You can most certainly bake something for me! ;) Thank you for following my blog. If you tell me how to follow you, I'd be happy to. (I didn't see a place to add my email or my google friends connect button.)


    1. Hi Meredith,
      Hopefully I fixed the problem with following me. Thanks for trying! LOL Let me know if you still cant follow...I am a begginer...may need some blogger help!!

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  3. Thank you so much for the link and shout out! I think the cupcakes are the perfect way to share these on the go! AND you don't feel so guilty when you eat two... They're just cupcakes, right?!?!? ;-)

    1. The cupcakes were perfect!! THANK YOU for the recipe and the extra 2 lbs!! LOL