Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter and my Cinnamon/Honey Face Mask

What a great Easter weekend!
I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to try my hand at selling my baked goods. I have always loved baking and I have some pretty amazing recipes that I have had rave reviews on. I posted a few of my favorites on Facebook letting people know that I would be taking orders on these items for Easter. The response was, quite frankly, overwhelming. I was shocked at how many people were interested. It was wonderful. I was really hoping for one or two orders...well I ended up with orders from about 6 or 7 different people!
One, came from my Best Friends mother. She placed a huge order from me because she had some family coming into town ad didn't want to worry about cooking breakfast and dessert. She ordered my breakfast enchiladas, 2 coffee cakes, maple bacon sticky buns, margarita Triffle, and Italian cream cupcakes. Oh! And breakfast sausage pinwheels! Whew...I'm exhausted again just repeating what she ordered. I also had about 4 orders for a dozen chocolate covered strawberries, orders for cookies and cupcakes and more sticky buns. I spent an entire 2 full days cooking. I made a profit and really enjoyed doing it!! I'm looking into making a business out of it. I'm very pumped to do something from home that I enjoy and hopefully help my husband by bringing in some extra money for the family!
After u was finally done with all if the baking, I had plenty of sweet extras for my families Easter celebration. I made some Ham and Swiss sliders and my sister in law brought fruit and chips and dip and we had ourselves an Easter feast! We plays some super fun "minute to win it" games, the kids had a blast with those, and did our Easter egg hunting and annual egg toss.
It was a fabulous weekend.
 After such a busy weekend I ended my Sunday night with my once a week cinnamon/honey face mask. I started googling one day a few months back, looking for some natural remedies to clearing my teenage sons acne. He has been doing proactive and a few other things and it just hasn't been working. Although, I'm not entirely convinced he has been washing his face WELL! As I said, I started looking for something natural that I could make from home because I did not want to spend anymore money on anything else like proactive and I couldn't afford a dermatologist at the time. Here's what I came up with from my research:

Cinnamon Honey oil face mask recipe :

1tbsp honey
2tbsp nutmeg
1.5 tsp cinnamon
Juice of half lemon
1tsp olive oil or coconut oil

Leave on 10-15 min
I keep mask in a container and use till its gone. It will last a while because nothing in it spoils quickly!

Honey has antibacterial properties and the waxy part in honey helps soften skin. 
Cinnamon also is Antibacterial , anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling,  help exfoliate. Plumps the skin-bringing blood to surface, opening pores and clearing excess oil. ALSO i found that cinnamon causes slight swelling so is also great as natural plumper to lips (avoid eye area)

Nutmeg reduces inflammation, redness and acne causing bacteria. It Dries out pimples quickly without irritation. Nutmeg is much safer than products that include benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid!

Lemon juice reduce appearance if scars or sun spots antibacterial for acne and an exfoliant

Olive oil  will treat Acne, is an anti aging treatment and stretch mark treatment!! I put olive oil all over my body about 15 min before bedtime! It's GREAT!!
Hydroxytyrosol, which is in olive oil, is a rare but powerful antioxidant prevents free radical damage on skin cells and absorbs deeply into the skin.

Use once a week

Can and probably will irritate ur skin, so I would suggest testing a Small patch of skin on your face first. You will feel a slight burning/tingling sensation.   My sons skin looks bright red after he uses the mask, but it goes completely away within 15 min or so. And it doesn't burn or bother him at all. I have seen a very big difference in his skin since he started using this mixture , however he WILL NOT allow me to take pictures! Lol

*Use at your own risk-I'm not a doctor and I dont know what you are allergic to, I just know what works for me!
*I'm aware the mask looks pretty gross, but I'm telling you it works. My face feels so soft and clean! Here is an after picture , although its from my phone so Its not a great one, but I think my skin is glowing!!

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